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Tips for choosing The Best Air Duct Cleaning Company in Ottawa

Duct Cleaning in Ottawa

How to choose the right duct cleaning company in Ottawa?

Owning a home in Ottawa or Gatineau is a lot of work. Sometimes, it can be quite overwhelming dealing with this list of upkeep and maintenance. Especially if it is your first time owning a home. Where do you even begin..? Who can you ask to help..? One of the more often forgotten things on this list, is finding the best air duct cleaning company. If you are like myself, cleaning your ducts is the last thing on your mind. I mean, who even thinks about those invisible channels running through your walls and floorboards, I know I didn’t. One day I noticed a lot of dust around one of my cold air returns, so I decided to open it up. To my absolute shock the whole inside of the vent was covered in a thick layer of dust and hair.

When I purchased my first home, I had an interesting experience trying to find an air duct cleaning service. The more I researched the topic, the more overwhelming it seemed to be. Every other news station was showing duct cleaning scammers, so you can imagine my concern. I learned that you should never use an air duct cleaning company that gets their customers by using call centers.

The next path my research took me down was the different techniques that air duct cleaning companies use. There are many to choose from, some more effective than others. Doing a bit of research and asking a lot of questions can mean the difference between getting good service and falling victim to a fly-by-night company.

1 ) Research Different Methods

There are a few different methods that duct cleaning companies will use on your HVAC system in Ottawa. On one side of the spectrum you have the more intrusive Rotobrush system, which has been known to damage duct work and can miss a lot of the problem areas because of its cumbersome design. The best known and most used method of cleaning air ducts is by using a very powerful vacuum in combination with air tools powered by compressed air. Agitating the contaminants inside the duct work will cause everything to break loose into the negative pressure from the vacuum. This gets into all the corners and is gentle on your HVAC system.

When looking for the best air duct cleaning company in Ottawa and Gatineau the best thing to remember is that you can never ask enough questions. If the company you are using has a problem with that, than you should not give them your business. As a consumer, you have the right to know what you are purchasing before you commit to purchasing it.

2 ) Photographic Evidence

The last thing I want to touch on is probably one of the most important. Before choosing the company you want to use, make sure they will give you some evidence of the work they have done. A service report of some kind with photographs or video evidence. This can give you peace of mind, knowing you got what you paid for.

3 ) Avoid Call Centers

Duct cleaning companies in Ottawa that use call centers to market their business usually only charge a very small amount for their service. This may seem like a good thing at first, but it is easy to see why they charge so little. With the cost of paying the call center on top of offering their service for so cheap, it is almost impossible for them to do a good job. These call centers will often book 7 – 10 jobs per day for a single company. How can a company do a good job if they are rushing to get the next client’s home. Proper air duct cleaning should take about 3 hours from start to finish.


Tips for how to reduce window condensation and mold

Right around now, in the winter, outside temperatures begin their direct decent into winter, and right on cue window condensation in Canada start to develop and things get wet from development of condensation on inside surfaces. The level of wetness ranges from immaterial to unmitigated or debilitating, and perceiving how to keep windows dry is an outright need for every Canadian home owner.

Other than being an able trigger of frame advancement, window development is moreover a banner that your home is encountering deficient ventilation. If enough wealth moistness is being held inside your home to cause running window development, by then it’s moderately certain that your family air has a more prominent number of contaminants than it should, too.

Windows ‘sweat’ in the midst of winter as indoor air cools against cold window glass and loses its ability to hold out moisture. This excess water must come out some place, and glass and window traces are sensational spots for dabs of development to shape.

That is the reason various Canadians need to consider intentionally ventilating their homes by one means or another when window development begins to appear. There are two ways to deal with do it. Drafty homes that typically spill a lot of cool air never need ventilation since enough new air comes inside. That is the reason you’ll never see window moisture development in an old, cold house. Regardless, a broken home is an expensive home to warm, and that is the reason we’ve been building houses all the more securely more firmly for more than 40 years. There have been big advancements in home building over the past few decades.

The most easy way to deal with help indoor air quality and cut window condensation development in a tight home is by opening windows a little and running exhaust fans more routinely in the restroom and kitchen. For each cubic foot of stale air pushed outside by fans, another cubic foot of characteristic air is pulled in through windows opened fairly everywhere. Do this enough to reduce window development and you’ll be more helpful for it. More gainful, yet poorer, since you’ll similarly be losing a lot of warmth in your excursion to breathe in less requesting.

Counting common air into your home from outside while also holding most of the glow place assets into the stale air before it gets sent outside is the thing that a glow recovery ventilator (HRV) is for. I clarify these things reliably in light of the way that poor indoor air quality and window development is the most understood home situation people ask for help about in the midst of winter.

HRV advancement was composed in Canada more than 30 years earlier, yet various Canadians still don’t know the difference HRVs make. They help with the development of Window Condensation.

In case you’ve had excess window development in past winters, chances are pretty good that you have no not as much as a little mold around window edges now. Maybe an extraordinary arrangement. Butchering this frame is a not too bad technique to start the warming season in light of the way that lazy shape can start growing again at cut down sogginess levels than would commonly be required to trigger shape advancement from a fresh start. Just don’t use color answers for the action.

Bleach is the standard strategy to cut down mold, yet according to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) in the U.S, “the use of a biocide, for instance, chlorine, isn’t endorsed as a standard work on in the midst of mold remediation.” Other than being deadly to people, bleach can’t authentically execute mold on porous surfaces like drywall and wood. There are better choices out there. A little research on the subject will help when you decide what you will do with treating your mold problem.