2019 Bathroom Decor Trends

It’s that time of year again! We’ve rang in the new year and made our resolutions. Ready to start the year with a fresh outlook and possibly a fresh decor! On that note let’s take a look at some up and coming trends for 2019.

Beautiful almost artistic vanities set in front of a window are stealing the show this year. Not only does this provide natural light but also a scenic backdrop. You can play with hanging lights and other twists on accessories with this new trend. Modern and rustic are very popular and adding some decor drama with monochromatic color scheme. All black is stylish and posh, all white forever clean and modern, while grey is lending its hand to mix modern and rustic with beautiful results.

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Dare to stray from chrome, black and gold are making their entrance into bathroom decor, starting with faucets. Again black is making a bold entrance with bathroom decor, it can be done with accents like faucets or all over for the full glamour effect.

Light that truly shines, gone are your basic light bulbs and in its place are trendy and beautiful decor pieces. In addition look for storage that will bring beauty, functionality and zen all in one.

On the strictly decor side some trending styles are wallpaper that stands out and brings spark. Best done on one wall with a high contrast. Exude energy and art with this fun new trend. Looking for more of a zen feel monochromatic is still a strong trend. Using one color or one material for example marble can give your bathroom an ethereal feel.

If your planning on remodeling your bathroom for 2019, Fyfe Plumbing can provide a full fixed quote and help you with the planning from start to finish.

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