Top 5 Indoor Activities For Young Kids

Winter has hit and with it comes stir crazy kids! With outdoor time being limited it’s important to have activities on hand. Left to their own devices to amuse themselves at home for long stretches of time often leads to sibling fights, enormous messes and utter chaos!

1. Sensory Play

  Having items on hand such as play dough is a great way to keep them busy and happily playing for at least an hour, sometimes two! This also helps to grow fine motor skills and engages sensory play. Not only are they having fun but also growing skills that will help them in the future.

2. Arts & Crafts

  More items that are great to have on hand are craft supplies. Anything from feathers, popsicle sticks, foam, construction paper and paints. Let them create something special for you and they will be so proud! Its especially important for preschooler’s to work with safe scissors and crayons to develop the hand muscle’s they will need later on. Our personal favourite is painting, pick up some wood houses from the dollar store, they will love decorating them.

3. Gross Motor Play

  Indoors it’s best to keep it simple, it could be as easy as a game of catch. Or with a little assistance an obstacle course could be set up. Nothing to complicated, jump over this, go under that.

4. Quiet Time

This could include colouring with crayons and reading books. I find its best to have a theme to keep their interest. Like an upcoming holiday or animals for example. They can they go and collect the books matching that theme. They can look at them on their own and when Mommy or Daddy have time, they can come read their favourite.

5. Lego

Another great activity for fine motor skills. Usually an elaborate thing to build like a castle or farm set for example. Take it one step further and have them expand it adding for example houses, people or animals using their own toys.

  Outdoor play is essential for every child but for when weather or circumstances does not permit these are some great go to activities. They will keep the fun and learning going all day long!

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