Top 5 Hair Restoration Products and Tips of 2018

For Dry and Damaged Hair

A rising problem in this day and age. Modern beauty can take a toll on your hair’s health. From blow drying, straightening, curling, extensions and updo’s your hair is crying out for rehabilitation. Other factors that can take it’s toll on your hair’s health are a bad diet and significant weight loss. Whether your problem is dryness, damage, thinning there is a solution. Now onto the products that can help restore your hair to its former glory.

1. Cannabis Oil Shampoo

Not your average product, cannabis products are relatively new to the market. This shampoo usually has essential oils in it, making it the perfect mix to nourish and hydrate your scalp. People have also seen great results in repairing damage and boosting thinning hair.

Pure CBD Shampoo

2. Spray In Conditioner

An essential daily product! Not only does it provide needed moisture to repair hair, it prevents more damage by detangling before brushing. Leaving your hair luscious and soft. A brand with coconut oil in it is great.

3. Thermal Protector

Stop some of the damage in it’s tracks. If you blow dry and style your hair a Thermal Protector is mandatory. High heat can cause dryness, breakage and general damage to your tresses.

4. Coconut Oil

All natural and highly effective, Coconut Oil will help restore moisture and sooth damaged hair. Apply to hair and leave on for a minimum of one hour or overnight. Rinse well it can be difficult to get the residue out of your hair.

5. Mayo

Tried and true, women have been using Mayo to restore there hair as long as they’ve been cooking with it. With oil and eggs its no wonder it moisturizes your hair. Effective in hair treatment and on your budget!

Try these cost effective ways to restore your hair to its former glory.

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