Create your bathroom oasis: 2018 bathroom Reno trends

Arguably one of the most important rooms in your house. Its where you get yourself ready to start another day. For a busy family the only quiet place in the house! We will be looking at some of the top trends to make your bathroom look beautiful today.

Not surprisingly one of the most popular trends is bringing some creature comforts to toilets. Following the trends of cars some of the most popular additions are heated seats, automatic lid openers, air dryers and deodorizers. Accompanying the luxury toilets are smart showers. Like a smart computer- who wouldn’t want a smart shower? The perfect way to start your day is a shower at the exact temperature you prefer and your favorite music.

Vanity lighting is becoming a mainstay in bathrooms. Not only do they create a peaceful and pretty atmosphere but they rate high for functionality. They provide unparalleled lighting for aesthetics.

Keeping with the home comfort and luxury trend underfloor heating systems

are also trending. They can be installed with most flooring. Almost à necessity for those long cold Canadian winters!

If you are looking for a renovations team to implement these hot trends in the Ottawa Valley area we highly recommend Fife plumbing for your bathroom renovations.

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