Unbelievable Air Duct Cleaning Robots you have to see!

Airbot One may be changing the duct cleaning industry

Mechanical Duct Cleaning robots are the new craze in Air Duct Cleaning Industry. Individuals who use robotic duct cleaners need to seal, rust proof and clean modern, business and private ventilation systems. Air Duct Cleaning is pivotal to the health and well-being of you and your family. Air provided in centrally air-conditioned buildings relies upon the channels condition and quality. Maintaining these channel makes for better air circulation and quality. Cleaning air ducts is done by professional duct cleaners. These machines make duct cleaning and maintenance easier for anyone to carry out. You no longer need to be a professional to keep up the longevity of your HVAC system. That being said, these robots are expensive. Your average person is not going to buy an Airbot One. Until the price comes down on these robots, the professionals will be the ones using these machines.

Airbot One is the leading new technology in the robotic duct cleaning industry. Airbot One is a blend of Duct Cleaning, Inspection and Painting Jobs. It is designed to do a few different jobs, and to do them well. Essential control unit stays outside which incorporates Air Pressure Adjustment Control Panel and Motion Control Mechanism when it is placed in the channel it is set up to pick the job.

Airbot One has a back and front Camera for reconnaissance, even while camera gives constant video of the pipes from the inside. High Pressure Air and Brushes Clean the pipes by overwhelming the contaminants with compressed air. Rusting is a major issue for duct work which means pipes need to be changed just in their last stage when GI Sheet get breaks because of oxidation. Airbot One Robot can paint the Ducts from inside, Since it’s outfitted with Cameras which give ongoing video of the inside, so when administrator watches rusting inside the pipes, it’s painted. The Airbot One utilizes brushes and nozzles which does the work from the inside of the channels.

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