3 Life Changing Tips to Help Babies Sleep

Tips on how to get your baby to sleep

Why wont my baby sleep?

I hear this question so many times, and the answer is quite simple, really. They have to learn to fall asleep on their own, that is before infants begin snoozing for 8 hour stretches. These life changing baby sleep tips might help your baby’s sleep clock. Babies fully produce the sleep bodily hormone Melatonin until at least the age of 9 says The Sleep Lady Kim West. Throughout this stage, if nap time is hard to carry out West advises you expose your baby to a lot of light throughout the day and wake up her for feedings. Keep it dark. To help your child understand that nights are for sleeping, feed your infant in the bedroom and keep the lights dim, indicates West.

Blackout curtains may also encourage a bit more sleep in the morning for mommy. Skip the diaper change. Altering a diaper that is damp just wakes up babies. Unless of course the diaper is really heavy or there is poop situation, West says do not bother. Consider the dream cycle. Do not swoop in at the first sound, let you baby sleep. All infants grunt, fuss, and wiggle during the night, says co writer of The Sleeper, Heather Turgeon. Wait and see before you presume he’s prepared for another feeding, whether your baby will repay by himself. Make some noise. The sound will become a sleep cue if you pick an application that is made for infant or a fan.

Routines can calm down babies so they are ready for dreamland. Know that daytime nap’s count, towards sleep too. Parents often follow consistent bedtime routines, but afterward they bypass them at nap time, says Turgeon.

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